October 18, 2016

TRACE Product Proposal

TRACE by MACE is a product proposal I, along with the rest of my group in an Integrated Marketing class, presented. Essentially, it’s a phone application that helps prevent human trafficking and other forms of serious harassment.

Essentially, TRACE is a smartphone application that provides immediate action for it’s user by utilizing GPS location to alert local authorities when the user is in potential danger without the suspect knowing (Instead of trying to dial 911, individual could be discrete and not alert the threat, which could potentially buy the user a little more time).
The application is also complemented with a smartphone case that has discrete and easily accessible pepper spray.

Consumers could either purchase a year subscription of the app or buy the phone case that comes with a code for the yearly subscription. Ultimately, the goal was to sell more of the phone cases with code so we could sell the refills for the dispensers.

Trace by Mace Product Proposal