October 18, 2016

Relevant Course Work

My major is called Integrative Studies, and I am triple minored in marketing, advertising, and psychology. This essentially means my coursework was completely oriented around what I wanted to do, and my minors made up my degree.

So why did I choose those minors? Glad you asked. I am minoring in advertising because that is what I want to go into once I graduate. Marketing, because it is the overall business functions that go into advertising (which I feel is good to know when entering that field). Lastly, I went with psychology because one cannot appeal to a consumer base without understanding how the target audience thinks.

I feel my minors and previous experiences has given me an advantage in the copy writing field because I do not only understand some of the higher business functions that go into advertising, but also specialized in advertising itself and studied psychology to help me understand audiences better and write highly targeted content.

While attending Oakland University, I’ve worked on several advertising projects to help prepare me for the advertising/marketing field. Below are the projects I have worked on.

Integrative Studies Capstone Project

Trace by Mace Product Proposal

Reverend Guitars Ad Campaign

Detroit Zoo Ad Campaign

Original Study Research Proposal

Prestige Resort Marketing Plan

Consumer Behavior Research: Starbucks vs Biggby

Copywriting With Kim