Volunteering at Dinosaur Hill

I volunteered at a local nature preserve called Dinosaur Hill in Rochester, Michigan. There, I was responsible for advertising the winter event, “Story Time with Santa”. I designed, created, and distributed the ads for the event that ultimately helped contribute to the success of the event.

Creative Design & Development Group

Starting May of 2017, I picked up a position as a freelance technical writer for Creative Design & Development. There, I have been working on user manuals for automotive assembly lines. My main task is to document machine functions so users can efficiently operate the assembly line. Currently, I am writing a manual for DANA, and[…]

Trying Something New

I wanted to try something new and wrote an article for Huffington Post. My first article was a reflective experience centered around my grandpa and his medical marijuana usage. This article went viral and has been featured on several websites.  

Copywriting With Kim Madeleine

A few of my advertising classes were taught by Kim Madeleine, President at KRM Communications. His classes taught me the most about the advertising world and provided the best learning experience a college student could ask for. We were given actual client requests and we had to meet “client” expectations.

Environmental Volunteerism: Concerns and Integrated Solutions

This is a project I worked on for my Integrative Studies Field Work course. The paper discusses the problems with environmental organizations in regards to there not being enough awareness of local efforts. To solve the problem at hand, I suggested an integrated approach by utilizing both economic and psychology disciplines.

Summer at Driven

Over the summer (2016) I interned at Driven Solutions as a copywriter. I was presented with the opportunity to work for a variety of clients and asked to try various forms of copy writing.