Starting at Shift

I started working at Shift as a personal digital assistant for Toyota dealerships.

Freelancing at MRM//Mccann

I started freelancing at MRM//McCann as an associate content manager for GM. The systems primarily used were Adobe Experience Manager and JIRA. I used Adobe Experience Manager to build web pages. JIRA was used as a as a means of processing job tickets and communicating with project managers.

Volunteering at Dinosaur Hill

I volunteered at a local nature preserve called Dinosaur Hill in Rochester, Michigan. There, I was responsible for advertising the winter event, “Story Time with Santa”. I designed, created, and distributed the ads for the event that ultimately helped contribute to the success of the event.

Creative Design & Development Group

Starting May of 2017, I picked up a position as a freelance technical writer for Creative Design & Development. There, I have been working on user manuals for automotive assembly lines. My main task is to document machine functions┬áso users can efficiently operate the assembly line. Currently, I am writing a manual for DANA, and[…]

Trying Something New

I wanted to try something new and wrote an article for Huffington Post. My first article was a reflective experience centered around my grandpa and his medical marijuana usage. This article went viral and has been featured on several websites.  

Summer at Driven

Over the summer (2016) I interned at Driven Solutions as a copywriter. I was presented with the opportunity to work for a variety of clients and asked to try various forms of copy writing.

Winter with the Penguins

Last winter I was a behavioral research assistant and spent my time studying and stalking the penguins at the Detroit Zoo.

Life at Lowes

I worked full time at Lowes while I was attending Oakland University and was quickly promoted to management once I graduated. Though this was not my dream job, I excelled at working customer service and use these desired communication skills daily.