Starting at Shift

I started working at Shift as a personal digital assistant for Toyota dealerships.

Freelancing at MRM//Mccann

I started freelancing at MRM//McCann as an associate content manager for GM. The systems primarily used were Adobe Experience Manager and JIRA. I used Adobe Experience Manager to build web pages. JIRA was used as a as a means of processing job tickets and communicating with project managers.

Copywriting With Kim Madeleine

A few of my advertising classes were taught by Kim Madeleine, President at KRM Communications. His classes taught me the most about the advertising world and provided the best learning experience a college student could ask for. We were given actual client requests and we had to meet “client” expectations.

TRACE by MACE Product Proposal

TRACE by MACE is a product proposal I, along with the rest of my group in an Integrated Marketing class, presented. Essentially, it’s a phone application that helps prevent human trafficking and other forms of serious harassment.  

Reverend Guitars Campaign

This was a project I worked on for my Advertising Medium Class. My teacher gave a budget, the rest was a free for all.

Consumer Behavior Research

For my Consumer Behavior class, I had to conduct research with a small sample. The “client” was Biggby Coffee, and they wanted to know where they stood in comparison to Starbucks and other competitors.

Penguin Ad Campaign

This was my project for my creative strategy class. We had to conduct our own research and make a campaign for a small business or nonprofit organization. Naturally, I chose the new penguin exhibit at the Detroit Zoo sense I was a behavioral research assistant there.