Volunteering at Dinosaur Hill

I volunteered at a local nature preserve called Dinosaur Hill in Rochester, Michigan. There, I was responsible for advertising the winter event, “Story Time with Santa”. I designed, created, and distributed the ads for the event that ultimately helped contribute to the success of the event.

Trying Something New

I wanted to try something new and wrote an article for Huffington Post. My first article was a reflective experience centered around my grandpa and his medical marijuana usage. This article went viral and has been featured on several websites.  

Copywriting With Kim Madeleine

A few of my advertising classes were taught by Kim Madeleine, President at KRM Communications. His classes taught me the most about the advertising world and provided the best learning experience a college student could ask for. We were given actual client requests and we had to meet “client” expectations.

TRACE by MACE Product Proposal

TRACE by MACE is a product proposal I, along with the rest of my group in an Integrated Marketing class, presented. Essentially, it’s a phone application that helps prevent human trafficking and other forms of serious harassment.  

Summer at Driven

Over the summer (2016) I interned at Driven Solutions as a copywriter. I was presented with the opportunity to work for a variety of clients and asked to try various forms of copy writing.

Reverend Guitars Campaign

This was a project I worked on for my Advertising Medium Class. My teacher gave a budget, the rest was a free for all.

Penguin Ad Campaign

This was my project for my creative strategy class. We had to conduct our own research and make a campaign for a small business or nonprofit organization. Naturally, I chose the new penguin exhibit at the Detroit Zoo sense I was a behavioral research assistant there.