Hi, I’m Danielle, and I am loving this world we live in. There is so much art out there: music, books, paintings, sculptures, flowers, rocks (yes, I think they are pretty neat) … the list could go on, and I get inspired by it all. I love to read, write, paint, and draw. Aside from this, I love to travel, hike, and garden. I know, that’s quite an unusual mix of outdoor and indoor activities, and how could I possibly have time for it all? I’m still working on those logistics, but I’ll let you know when I come up with the magic time-altering formula.

In 2017 I graduated from Oakland University, minoring in marketing, advertising, and psychology. Because I dream of entering the marketing/advertising world, I felt the need to study both of those fields. Marketing, because that is the area I want to specialize in, and advertise because that is the particular area I have the most interest in. I minored in psychology as well because I think understanding people is essential to success in the advertising world. How can I target audiences if I don’t understand the consumers? That is my golden argument, but my backup saying is that I just find the subject undeniably interesting.

I believe in a lot of, what I call, eco-causes. I strongly believe in equal rights, the environment, recycling, education, animal rights, the wellbeing of children… I think you get the gist by now. In addition to this, I have an iFunny addiction, a slight obsession with shoes, and am skeptical about the importance of mosquitoes.